Winners of the 2014 MGF Vocal Competition, Vero Beach, FL

22 March 2014

1st PRIZE    $10,000    MEGAN MARINO, MEZZO – from the Marcello Giordani Foundation and Vero Beach Opera in memory of Michele Guagliardo, father of Marcello Giordani

2nd PRIZE    $5,000     KAREN CHIA-LING HO, SOPRANO – by Mrs  Sergio Franchi (Eva)  from the Sergio Franchi Music Foundation in memory of the late Romantic Tenor Sergio Franchi *

3rd PRIZE    $3,000     MARINA NACHKEBIYA, SOPRANO - from Vero Beach Opera


$1,000  KATRINA GALKA, SOPRANO - from Deborah Voit/ Vero Beach Opera Foundation; Master Classes in Sicily with room and board from the Marcello Giordani Foundation **

$1,000  JING ZHANG, SOPRANO – from Tommy & Simonetta Steyer through the Indian River Community Foundation

$1,000   LEAH HAWKINS, MEZZO – from the Shay and Webster families

$1,000  JONATHAN BEYER, TENOR –from a generous Very Beach Opera Donor

$500    EWA PLONKA, MEZZO – from Deborah Voigt/Vero Beach Opera Foundation

$500   VANESSA GOICOEDHEA - from Deborah Voigt/Vero Beach Opera Foundation

* You are invited to the 20th Anniversary Concert on August 23rd,  in Stonington CT on the Franchi Estate.  For more information about the Concert, call 860-535-9429.

** To learn more about the Masterclasses in Sicily go to tenor Marcello Giordani’s website at