Semi Finalists in the MGF/Vero Beach Opera Vocal Competition

9 April 2015


The MGF Vocal Competition is underway.  Following is a list of semi-finalists in no particular order.  Best of luck to all the semi-finalists and a big thank you to all the wonderful young singers that were heard in the preliminaries.

Jing Zhang
Ryan Kuster
Anna Zaytseva
Jessie Nguenang
J'nai Bridges
Jeanine De Bique
Mary Claire Curran
Anthony Ciaramitaro
John Kaneklides
Jasmine Muhammad
Hector Mir
Christine Suits
Julie Miller
Anthony Evans
Alison King
Antonina Chekhovskaya
Allison Lonstein
Allegra De Vita
Jarrett Ott
Megan Barrera
Marinel Cruz
Beibei Guan