Marcello Giordani Foundation International Vocal Competition

CATANIA, ITALY - 3rd Marcello Giordani Foundation International Vocal Competition

European Edition – September 14 – 19, 2013

Please be advised that the Competition deadline for submissions of applications has been extended from August 20th to September 2nd.  All the documentation pertaining to the competition can be found on the MGF website  For additional information, please send your requests via e-mail to the competition office at

The Competition

The Marcello Giordani Foundation (MGF), in collaboration with the Teatro Massimo Bellini of Catania will hold its 3rd International Vocal Competition from September 14 to 19 in Catania, Italy.   The Competition, now at its third edition, has as its objective to lead young talented singers toward a successful career on the opera stage.  To this end, the MGF has proposed to organize two selections, one in the United States and one in Europe.  The American selection was held in Vero Beach, Florida, from March 25 to March 30, and the European selection will take place at the prestigious Teatro Massimo Bellini of Catania from September 14 to 19, 2013.

The final round of the Competition will take place on the evening of September 19th at 7:00 p.m.  The event, in concert form and open to the public, will feature the finalists of the Competition, accompanied by the orchestra of the Teatro Massimo Bellini

Detailed information concerning the Competition may be found in the Rules and Regulations, which can be viewed and downloaded, together with the registration form and other pertinent documentation, by using the links in the left column of the "Competition" page of the MGF website.  Any inquiries and requests for additional information should be addressed to: